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Creating Conversations

Connecting Generations

Tandem is a non-profit that facilitates weekly 30-minute virtual conversations between senior citizens and high school students, building impactful intergenerational mentorship-based relationships.

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Meet the Team

Arianna Martinelli

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Arianna is a senior at Sacred Heart Academy where she loves to take computer science classes and is the President and Co-Founder of the SHA Hack Club. When she’s not coding at school, she is an intern at a mentorship and goal-setting mobile application startup called Resolv, an Educational Justice Activist, and a competitive swimmer with the Lakeside Seahawks Swim Club and the SHA Swim and Dive Team. She is a 2021 NCWIT AiC National Award Winner and Kentucky Affiliate Winner, and she loves exploring all things design thinking, hackathons, UX/UI design, and technology.


Lorenzo Martinelli

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Lorenzo Martinelli is a senior at Saint Xavier High School, where he is a Xaverian Scholar and serves as the President of the Saint X Hack Club. Next year, Lorenzo will matriculate to the University of Chicago, majoring in Economics and Philosophy. Lorenzo is the founder of Pistachio, a consultant company giving assistance to local start-ups in developing pitch decks, competitive analyses, partnership analyses, and go-to-market strategy. Lorenzo serves as an Educational Justice Activist, swims for the Lakeside Seahawks Swim Club, and is a graduate of the Young Kentuckians Advocacy Program and the Governor's School for Entrepreneurs. In his spare time, Lorenzo enjoys coding and video editing.


Evan Bockelman

Evan Bockelman is a senior at Saint Xavier High School where he is the junior class president and director at the WSTX newscast studio. He is a member of the varsity archery team, robotics team, and future problem-solving team, and he is involved with the school’s drama department. Evan is one of six 2022 Retreatants of the XBSS retreat, representing St. X at an annual gathering of the 13 Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools. Evan enjoys drawing and painting through his membership in NAHS, and he has won the Winston Memorial Award for the Derby Museum art contest.


Our Mission


Tandem's mission is to create intergenerational connections in which high schoolers can benefit from seniors' mentorship while allowing seniors to stay connected with the younger generation.

The changemakers of tomorrow are birthed in the heart-to-heart connections of today, and Tandem aims to create those connections between two separated groups: the young and the old. This separation is one of the most impactful gaps dividing our world, directly perpetuating injustices such as ageism and creating a discontinuity of experiences and values. By building intergenerational connections, Tandem closes this gap.

During Tandem calls, pairs just have conversations. They tell incredible stories of overcoming struggle, share timeless lessons, converse about experiences, communicate unique perspectives, and build valuable friendships. Seniors become invested in their partner’s growth, and high schoolers are transformed through invaluable engagement with a lifetime of experiences.

If you would like to support Tandem's mission, please donate here.

Tandem is fiscally sponsored by Hack Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our registered EIN is 81-2908499.



450+ hours of friendship


900+ calls


22 months of conversation

2 states





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